Our group classes are designed to set you up for success from Day One. 

We’re not your typical cookie-cutter group class where we let you figure it out on your own. We’ll set you up for success with individualized coaching every class, offer a comprehensive nutrition program that meets the unique demands of your lifestyle, and provide the accountability you need to stay on track.

All of our classes at Route 3 combine flexibility, strength and cardio into one perfect group fitness class. We’ll challenge your body and have you walking out feeling energized and more alive. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our amazing team of coaches will get to know you and your goals and encourage you in a fun and motivating environment. 

Our unique offerings allow you to choose your fitness journey based on your preferences and specific goals. You can switch it up daily, seasonally, it’s up to you! Here’s a quick breakdown of our class options. 


These 60-minute classes are our bread and butter. If you’ve been looking for the next challenge in your fitness routine look no further. This class meets at the intersection of functionality and aesthetics.

You can expect everything from squats to bicep curls and the toughest ab exercises you’ve ever done all while we crank up the cardio and challenge those lungs! 

Every class starts with an overview of the class and workout structure followed by demos of the movements and modifications. Be careful with this one it’s known to be very addicting!

Just Move

Our 45-minute high-intensity classes that have no heavy weights and no tricky or intimidating movements. Think quick warmup with a high intensity workout with movements that change daily, ab work cool down. 

Just like all of our classes these workouts start with an overview of the class and workout structure followed by demos of the movements and modifications. 

Structured with proven intervals that torch fat and reveal a lean, mean physique.

Walk-in feeling antsy, walk out feeling more alive.


The Movement Studio

Frequently traveling? Have workout gear at home but miss the structure and accountability of having a coach and group to workout with?

This is our solution to this growing problem.

Through our app you’ll have access to workouts you can do at home with Dumbbells or just your body! We’ll give you a warmup, a heart pumping workout, and some abs to keep you summer body ready 7 days/week!

Plus, you’ll have access to our team of expert coaches everyday to help keep you motivated and on track!

119 Mustang Way Merritt Island, FL 32953