Route 3 September DJ Challenge

Before we reveal the challenge for September we’re gonna go over the details again.

How does it work you ask? Let us explain.

The week before the start of a new month we will have a special “challenge” for everyone to participate in. These will range from something fitness related to something silly. The first 4-5 people to complete the challenge will be selected to DJ for an entire week for the upcoming month.

The winners will select the music they want to have played each day at the gym. You can pick your favorite artist, genre, album, station etc. You can switch it up each day, create a playlist on iTunes for the week or simply pick a genre to listen to all week. It’s up to you as the DJ to choose!  All music is fair game just remember the fate of everyone’s workout is on your shoulders!

We will also do a short Q&A with the DJ’s for each month to get to know you, your favorite music, workout movements etc. (That way people can put a name to a face and meet you out back if you play Brittney Spears all week *cough cough Victor*)

So, What’s the challenge for the month of September?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

The September challenge is….

Perform 5 Burpees over something (can be your dog, child, ice cream, broom stick etc the sillier the better) and post it to Facebook/ Instagram and tag Route 3 using the hashtag #dropeverythingandmove. The first 5 people to post a video of them completing all 5 burpees using our hashtag and tagging the gym will be DJ’s for the month of September. If you’re one of THOSE PEOPLE who don’t have social media no worries! Simply text one of your coaches a video or email us at 

Let the fun begin!