Make Your Damn Bed People!

What if I told you that the first five minutes of your day are the most important and that they will determine whether today is successful or not. You’re probably thinking “yea whatever I hate mornings and I’m still successful.” Well hear me out for a minute and see if you change your  mind by the end.

Now we’re not gonna sit here and tell you to set your alarm clock for a certain time or that you should or shouldn’t press the snooze button five times before finally pulling yourself out of bed. We all realize when we need to actually wake up and start our days. But, what we do have is a quick five minute game plan to help kick start your days. We bet if you did it every day for a minimum of two weeks you will start your day with a better sense of accomplishment and maximize your success throughout the rest of the day. Sounds like a win-win right?

Minute one:

When your alarm goes off stay in bed for a second. Roll onto your stomach and go into what’s called a Child’s Pose. If you’re not sure what that is you can check out this quick video about Child’s Pose and its benefits here. Take seven deep breaths using a 4 second inhale, 1 second breath hold, 4 second exhale, and a 1 second hold. Use this time to slowly wake up and start to focus on the tasks you have for the day.

Minute two:

Now that we’ve had a moment of relaxation let’s accomplish our first task for the day. Make your damn bed people! Seriously, if the military taught me anything it’s that you always make your bed. You’ll have accomplished your first task of the day, it will give you a sense of pride, and will help you to accomplish another task, and another etc. It will serve as a reminder that the details matter and if you can’t do the little things right you’ll never be able to do the big things right either. As an added bonus if you end up having a rough day you will still come home to a freshly made bed that will serve as a reminder that tomorrow will be better.

Minute three:

By now we’ve spent some time focusing on our tasks at hand and have accomplished our first task and begun to set up our day for success. Now that we’ve moved around a bit we’re gonna hit up another stretch this time a standing forward fold. The forward fold is great for lengthening the muscles on the back side of your body and loosening up your back. Focus on your breathing again like we did during minute one and just relax into the stretch. Now let’s get ready to make some decisions for the day.

Minute four:

For minute four you’ll need a pen and paper. During minute four we’re going to write down three things: What your main goal is for the day, what is your secondary goal, and how you’re feeling. Remember it’s only 60 seconds here so be brief and decisive you’re not trying to write a novel. 

Finally, minute five:

Hit up a quick workout! You read that correctly it’s time for the fastest workout you’ll ever do. 

You’ve got one minute to do 2 squats and 2 pushups as many times as you can. This will shake off any morning grogginess you’re still trying to fight off before you grab your morning cup of coffee. It will increase blood flow and give you a quick energy boost. 

The last thing you should do each morning is be thankful for another day of health and another opportunity to be successful. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to change up your morning routine and start your day off on the right foot? Give it a try for a minimum of two weeks and let us know how it goes!