Getting Started With Route 3

The single biggest deterrent from anyone starting something new…..


The fear of the unknown. 

Will I look silly?

What will people think?

What if I don’t know what I’m doing?

Can I even do it?

Is this for me?

Is it too hard?

Will I get hurt?

Trust us we get it. It’s terrifying not having all the answers to these questions. But don’t worry you’re not alone. We’ve ALL been there.

At Route 3 we all know what it’s like to start a new fitness program especially one with such strong stigmas. 

But that’s why we’re different. That’s why we designed a program called Movement Matters!

Movement Matters is our one-on-one introductory program to help ease your mind as you transition into a new fitness program. 

Not sure how a class even works?

We’ll be there with you every step of the way all the way through your first class. Your coach will personally introduce you to everyone and help ease you into your first class. No more feeling lost and like “the new guy.”

Afraid of getting hurt?

During Movement Matters you’ll work one-on-one with a coach to breakdown movements to ensure you’re doing it as safely and efficiently as possible. No more feeling lost and getting hurt.

Thinking to yourself “I can’t do that, it’s way too hard”

Movement Matters is designed to ease you into a new way of working out. Each session ends with a workout, designed to showcase the different types of workouts we’ll do in our regular classes. Can’t do a pull-up? We’ll show you how to modify those using bands and rings to get you moving and on the way to your first pull-up!

Whenever you’ve started anything… like playing sports or starting a new job, you didn’t just dive right in. You’ve always had a mentor to help teach you the basics. You learned how to walk before you ran. How to run different reports you need to send out at work or use the companies internal messaging system.

Movement Matters is our way of mentoring you through the basics of what we do and why we do it so you can work towards becoming happy and healthy from the inside out!

Want to learn more? Click the link below to speak with a coach!