Finding Your Fitness Family

You might be wondering  “What the heck is this guy even talking about right now… a fitness family?”

Let me explain real quick.

Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us randomly each day. Maybe your alarm clock didn’t go off this morning and you were late to a big meeting, when you drove through that construction site on the way to Chick-fil-A for lunch you got a nail in your tire or maybe your kids refused to eat a new healthy recipe you tried for dinner. Some days all you want to do is scream until your throat hurts and rip all your hair out in frustration as you throw in the towel. 

Every day brings a new challenge but it doesn’t have to make or break your day. At Route 3 CrossFit you’ll find a way to escape for an hour or so each day. A place where you can let off some steam and leave feeling better then when you walked in. 

It might be strange to think about your gym becoming a second family but once you become a member you’ll quickly realize that it’s exactly what you needed.

When people struggle together, there’s a special bond that’s formed during those tough circumstances. Nearly every workout we do will offer a challenge in a unique way to different people, and when we rise to the occasion and pull others up along with us, we feel a significant connection to those people. This is what makes elite military units so strong. 

Now, don’t get too scared with all this talk of difficult times and tough workouts. Each person in our gym has different goals, unique challenges, and their own set of struggles they deal with on a daily basis. Some of us are here to lose weight, some of us are here to make new friends, some of us like the challenge of something new each day. Some may even be working towards a big fitness goal like completing their first marathon. 

But no matter what motivates or inspires each of us to go to the gym it’s just that; we’re all motivated in some way shape or form. We all want to get better each day and inch closer to a goal. When you put a group of motivated, positive, forward thinking people into a group atmosphere amazing things happen. We tend to reveal more of ourselves and take an interest in the lives of others. It’s just human nature that we all begin to build a strong bond as a community.

Before you know it you’ll be grabbing breakfast with a fellow member after a tough Saturday morning workout, or maybe you’ll sign up for your first mini-triathlon with a couple of others who are seasoned veterans. The friendships you’ll build span age, gender, and ability level, so you might find yourself trying something you’ve never done before.